“Soap for Good” Project - the largest Global Handwashing Day celebration in Hong Kong initiated by UNICEF HK


Hong Kong
2 000

To celebrate the Global Handwashing Day 2012, Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) made a breakthrough by inviting schools, non-governmental organisations, corporations, the Government and general public to take part in the Global Handwashing Day “Soap for Good” Project. Five soapmakiing workshops were held in Hong Kong while three were held in Shenzhen, China for participants to make recycled soaps. With full support, the event marked an unprecedented success and more people were reached to understand the message of “Wash with Soap, Live with Hope”!

The “Soap for Good” Project, initiated by UNICEF HK, collected hotel soaps through the supporting organisation Soap Cycling. Through holding soapmaking workshops and distributing material packs for participants to make recycled soaps by themselves, the Project gained overwhelming support from shopping centres, education institutions, corporations and general public. A few thousand bars of recycled soap were made along with handwritten greeting cards.

On the day before Global Handwashing Day, 14 October 2012, Hong Kong government official, guests from non-governmental organisations, corporations and UNICEF HK council members demonstrated the seven steps of handwashing and made soaps in support of the Global Handwahsing Day and “Soap for Good” Project. To further promote the importance of handwashing with soaps, guests and volunteers distributed over 2,000 recycled soap to residents living in Sham Shui Po, a poor district in Hong Kong along with the “seven steps of handwashing” stickers, to promote the Day and the awareness and of handwashing with soap.

To take a great step further, the rest of the soaps will be distributed to deprived children and families living in developing countries during UNICEF HK’s field visits in the future, hoping that the important message of handwashing with soap could be spread all over the world!

Photo by UNICEF HK (© UNICEF HK/ 2012)

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