160,000 Children in Haiti celebrate GHD


160 000

Theme: "Handwashing with soap and clean water stops microbes"
National competition of drawings on hand washing with soap -- 100 schools
Launching of the certification of Hygiene friendly Schools - a programme initiated by the Alliance of WASH in Schools and MoEd
Graduation of 15 junior hygiene promoters
Press conference with Government for launching the national campaign and engaging stakeholders
Official launch - high visibility GHD event at a school in Port au Prince
Official celebration of GHD in 7 regional locations organised by MoEd with support of UNICEF, WHO and NGOs (departments of West, North, South, North East, South East, Central, Artibonite….)
Educational sessions and demonstration of hand washing in 8,000 schools benefitting 160,000 children
TV show on 3 local channels for large public for awareness raising on the impact of regular practice of hand washing for cholera prevention
Community meetings, demonstrations of hand washing (with tippy taps), photo exhibition, dissemination of key messages by 85 local organizations and 30 international organizations
Observation sessions to count people washing their hands in key places and schools

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