Abufak's Hand Washing day, 15 October 2012, Port-Gentil, Gabon




This year, we celebrate the first time in our city (Port-Gentil, GACON Country), handwashing day.

What we have done?
1. We wrote an educational booklet in which, we explain why, when, how wash hand. The booklet will be dispatch to teachers, and children.
2. We made also many posters, and other flyers to promote the "handwashing".
3. We have designed, and fabric a "mobile hand-washer, with 4 taps.

As it's the first time, we visit 2 primary schools for our action. We've called 50 students.
As hand washing is a daily gesture, we'll promote it even after October 15, and next year, we hope to mobilize more people around hand hygiene.
Washing hands with soap and water is the most accessible health intervention and cost, and can help to reduce considerably the risk of infection and propogation.
Our goal is to learn to children so they show their families.
Thus, we hope to create positive behaviors for life, and in any place.

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