Children use Global Handwashing Day to sensitize communities on Cholera Prevention


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“Boil all water that is collected from the stream before drinking; wash your hands with soap before eating and after using the toilets to kick cholera out of Sierra Leone and save the lives of the children!” These are the messages 17 year old Mohamed and other children use to sensitize communities on cholera prevention during the celebrations of the Global Handwashing Day 2012.

The cholera outbreak has this year given the Global Handwashing Day a particular prominence. Through drama, songs, films and discussions with the communities children’s groups are raising awareness on the importance of hygiene in these schools and the surrounding communities.

“Hand washing with soap is a simple and cost-effective method to prevent diarrheal diseases such as cholera”, says Hon Tamba Borbor-Sawyer, Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation at the celebration. “Communities should continuously be educated on cholera prevention methods such as handwashing with soap”.

More than 335 schools and communities across the country have scaled up their efforts in increasing knowledge on the importance of hand washing with soap with the theme: Clean hands, long life.

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