GHWD 2012 Oxfam Indonesia with Partner


Bekasi, Betun, Padang
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Oxfam Indonesia with local partner BMP Bekasi in Bekasi District, West Java Province:
Oxfam GB, especially Right in Crisis (RIC) division involved actively promoted hand washing with soap in every Public Health Promotion activities and also other activities in Public Health. In this GHWD 2012 Oxfam would collaborate with Oxfam’s partner BMP Bekasi conducted commemoration on GHWD. That commemoration has been conducted in a week of campaign, started with talk show and workshop. In the workshop, representative of head master, school committee, Posyandu cadres participated and resulted an action plan to implement activities in school supporting practice hand washing with soap. Beside that, hand washing with soap practice for 874 elementary school students conducted on the day of GHWD 15 October 2012, as they are is the main target of Global Hand washing Day commemoration.
Oxfam Indonesia with local partner CIS Timor in Belu District, NTT Province:
Together with local partner in NTT province, Oxfam Indonesia conducted GHWD 2012 commemoration on 15 October 2012, with several activities by 250 students from 15 elementary students in Betun Sub-District. Those activities for celebrate GHWD 2012, such as drawing competition, poster design competition and giant snake ladder competition.
Oxfam Indonesia with local partner PKBI West Sumatera in Padang and Padang Pariaman District, West Java Province:
Detail activities on GHWD 2012 in two elementary school on Sunur Sub-District (200 students), as follow hand washing with soap socialization, long march, drawing and coloring competition, giant snake and ladder competition, clean and hygiene school competition. Radio talk show about the importance behavior of hand washing with soap, set up in Radio Damai could reached all Padang Pariaman community around 300.000 person.

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