GHWD by Sudanese Red Crescent, White Nile


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Between 10-15th October 2012 the Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated in White Nile State through lectures in health education about increasing awareness about culture of hand washing with soap – Pollution –How to transfer germs and sanitation in general in schools and pre-schools. Contests between the students in case of correct answer distributed soap or ball as prize.
In Aboramad it was the biggest celebration in the community through theater. The presentation included jokes and drama includes hand washing with soap and environmental sanitation in general. Also there was a theatrical presentation of volunteers.
At two water purification units were health education lectures for the beneficiaries of the water and also leaflets were distributed to promote the culture of hand washing with soap. Banners were hung in streets of villages and Kosti as well as at the water purification unit and the water tractors.
And of course there was a lot of hand washing !

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