Global Hand Wash Day 2013, Messamena VIllage, Cameroon



Global Hand Washing Day was a very important day in Messamena Village. After completing a Training of Trainers with the 5 student leaders in Messamena Village's Primary School, we held a school-wide Hand Wash demonstration Day that involved the WASH club teaching their fellow students the importance of washing hands with soap as well as when it is critical to wash hands. We organized a field trip to the school's hand washing station and had everyone wash their hands properly together with soap.
The WASH club consists of 5 students who each will be responsible of the hand wash station for one week at a time. They are they leaders in their school and need to report to the teachers and the school director if the latrines need to be cleaned of there is soap missing from the station. Each WASH club participant received a name badge that they get to wear the entire week that they are responsible for overseeing the hand washing station.
Afterwards, all students took an oath to always wash their hands with soap at the appropriate times. The students gave two presentations to their classmates about healthy hand washing habits and why it is so important to use soap. We made sure the students knew the importance of washing before eating and after using the toilettes. Every student at Messamena Village successfully washed their hands and attended the Hand Wash information session.

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