Global Handwash Day with underprivileged kids in Lucknow



We at KHEL celebrated the Global Handwash Day, living every bit of our Sports for Development spirit... Targetting small children from the slums, we started off with an ice-breaking activity, wherein all the 15 participants had to shake hands with the maximum number of children within 30 seconds. One of our coordinators had secretly put glue in her hand at the start of the game. By the end of it, everyone had some sticky left over in their palms. This helped us make our point: Even one dirty hand can spread the germs to numerous others, if not washed properly. Following this, we had a brief discussion with them on when to wash hands. Then, one by one, we had a practical demonstration of how to wash hands properly. Post the session with the slum children, we got to interact with more than 300 girl children from the towns and villages surrounding Lucknow, who had gathered in La Martinere Girl's College for celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child. We made a small presentation on when, why and how to wash hands, followed by a collective demonstration of the 9 steps to proper hand washing.

Eventful as the day had been, our satisfaction comes from the fact that we were able to cover more than 300 children in our drive for proper hand washing.

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