Global Handwashing Celebration in Afghanistan


8 000 000

This year’s Global Handwashing Day in Afghanistan is dedicated to the eradication of polio and to raising awareness of the role and importance of handwashing and appropriate hygiene practices in the eradication of polio from Afghanistan and from the world.

Afghanistan is one of only three remaining countries where polio has never been eradicated. Handwashing with soap and appropriate hygiene practices are crucial to prevent the spread of the polio virus.

Handwashing with soap at critical times - before eating or preparing food and after using the toilet - can reduce diarrhoea incidence among children under five years of age by almost 50 per cent, reduce the incidence of acute respiratory infections (ARI’s) by around 23 per cent, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid fever, and polio.

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