Global Handwashing Day 2012 in Senegal


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Inspired by the International Global Hand washing Day, October 15, the USAID/PEPAM project worked with local communities, schools and local government officials in Kolda, Sédhiou, Ziguinchor (at the CLTS villages) and in Tambacounda (at a high school in an urban neighborhood of the city of Tambacounda) to plan and implement a daylong event. This year the focus and theme was on children and promoting good hand washing practices. The project staff collaborated with Peace Corps Volunteers to design a day of games, songs, competitions and theatrical skits, all providing key hygiene promotion practices, health benefits, and the incredible benefits of proper hand washing practices with soap. Local Government officials, the technical services units, rural councils, school teachers participated in these events in order to serve as role models, pass on best practices messages, and to advocate and lobby for changing local community practices on hand washing with soap. This short five minute video of some of the hand washing events has been produced by the project staff and Peace Corps Volunteers.

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