Global Handwashing Day at Community Place Cafe


Prince George's County, Maryland

Jimmie L. Slade

Organizations Partner, Bring Capital Area Homeless Handwashing Demonstration
Fifth Annual Global Handwashing Day Observed

HYATTSVILLE, Md., Oct. 16, 2012—U.S. Public Health Service Officer, Lt. Monique Bailey, demonstrated proper handwashing technique in a presentation to more than 150 men and women at a feed-the-homeless lunch event held at the Community Place Café in Hyattsville yesterday. Four Prince George’s County community organizations partnered with the U.S. Public Health Service to commemorate the fifth annual Global Handwashing Day.

“The simple practice of handwashing with soap has shown to be one of the most cost-effective interventions for illness and disease,” said Lt. Bailey. “As we move into flu and cold season, the importance of handwashing is particularly timely.”

Five surface handwashing stages were highlighted to the audience prior to the feed-the-homeless meal. Washing the wrists, front palms, backs of hands, between the fingers and beneath the nails were all demonstrated to the group.

Dr. Muhiuddin Haider, global health associate professor at the University of Maryland, plans to highlight the merits and methods of handwashing with at future events throughout the fall and winter season. “With the support of the U.S. Public Health Service, we’ve laid the foundation for healthy handwashing practices at this event,” said Dr. Haider. “If handwashing with soap can become routine for our most vulnerable groups – which the transient and homeless populations are -- we can halt the spread of many diseases. I’d like to have more presentations at the area’s winter holiday feed-the-homeless meals, as well as many others.”

Sponsors of Global Handwashing Day at Hyattsville, Md. include: U.S. Public Health Service; University of Maryland; Community Place Café; First United Methodist Church of Hyattsville; and Community Ministry of Prince George’s County.


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