Global Handwashing Day Event in Bhavnagar, Gujarat



In Bhavnagar, Gujarat in western India a hand-washing event and demonstration to over 350 rural children, women, and men was organized by Utthan and the People's Learning Centre for Water & Sanitation (PLC WATSAN). Utthan works in the area of women's and rural development, particularly sustainable livelihoods in the area of water and sanitation, a crucial issue in the state. PLC WATSAN works in partnership with Utthan in implementing initiatives such as constructing eco-sustainable toilets, raising awareness about sanitation, and empowering women and others from vulnerable communities to take leadership and control over their water resources.

In this event held on October 15, Global Hand-washing Day, the audience was presented with hand-washing demonstrations, animated videos, songs and dances to enforce the importance of hand-washing, and speeches and interactive talks. The event was a success in making hand-washing an important but also fun event. After the event, children could be seen washing their hands with enthusiasm before sitting down to eat. Utthan and PLC WATSAN look forward to celebrating and spreading awareness about basic sanitation over the coming year.

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