Global Handwashing Day @ Hilton Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi

On the 15th October 2012, Hilton Abu Dhabi joined and celebrated for the Global Handwashing Day hosting an educational event with several unique and fun activities.

More than 200 team members took part in the Global Hand Washing Day from different departments such as housekeeping, F&B, engineering, laundry, kitchen, stewarding, front office, human resources, sports & leisure, security and accounts.

The event included educational videos regarding how to wash our hands properly and different presentations and discussions about the importance of washing hands in our daily life & workplace (including after using the toilet, before eating/handling food, after sneezing/coughing, dealing with sick people etc.)

Every team member enjoyed the event having the chance to wash their hands in custom made portable sinks and then take photos and demonstrate to the rest of the world how clean their hands are by killing all together millions of bacteria!!!

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