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On October 14th, Escudo and its strategic partners hosted the 5th. Anniversary of the Global Hand Washing Day Celebration (GHWD). For this celebration, a press conference was held as well as a children rally to promote hand washing in elementary schools.

Event was a success in terms of attendance (1738 people exclusively of Escudo) and key messages communication

The flow:
• At 9:30 am VIP guests, media and P&G teams gathered at theme park, the Mexican theatre located inside the Theme Park Six Flags for the press conference. Consistent branding ensured Escudo presence.
• At 10:30 am press conference started. Strategic messaging helped communicate: Relevance of GHWD, importance on correct Hand Washing method, and strategic partnerships.
• Attendants were invited to attend the children´s rally final , in which 16 elementary schools competed for the first prize.
• Children, parents, media, and VIP guests enjoyed the grand final and afterwards had fun on the theme park´s attractions, courtesy of Escudo.

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