Team Up to Clean Up




Team up to Clean up!

An event, initiative by young Pakistanis, an extension of Brand Pakistan took place at Gulshan-e-hadeed, at “Saving Futures”, A small charity school for the working children.
The entire event focused on spreading optimism about Pakistan and how something as small as a team of 13 people can bring smiles to those small faces.
Sunday 14th October 2012. The event started off with the team and volunteers gathering up at Millennium Mall, Gulshan-e-Iqbal. This was a pick-up point, where the transport was already arranged for by team Clean Pakistan. The group then went up to the school, with three entertainers for the under privileged kids. There were introductions and briefing of both Clean Pakistan’s and Saving Futures’ standings. A magic show followed, the kids enjoyed t
he show like anything… It was moving how something that small made them that happy!

Those who live in the vicinity admired what was being done for them and they took notice of the unhygienic conditions they lived in. There was a goal achieved at this point creating awareness, helping them understand.
The 45 volunteers mingled with the children, showing great potentials. Their coming up here, their willingness proved that they cared, they wanted to change Pakistan for the better, and they actively participated in talking to the cute little children about “Hand-washing” and personal hygiene. The team was equipped to counter germs since hand-washing was the main focus, with liquid hand-washes and tissues! But where in the world were all those germs coming from?

The campaign was to clean the surroundings up, and after all the cleaning, there was planting!
The volunteers were each given gloves, masks and a big plastic bag each. They were asked to bring with them nothing but passion to bring a change, make a difference and their two hands!
Nothing like small plants, that’ll grow to provide shade and fresh air to breathe in. That’s what I call a campaign with a vision.
The entire event was covered by dawn-news and a few talented photographers who came to volunteer,
the community of “saieens” and the residents were really welcoming. One of the neighbors offered tea and cold water, to the whole lot! In a hot day like it was , the fan and the cold water was nothing less than a blessing.
After all the hard-work, the active participants were treated with small refreshments that fit the bill, as the campaign was self-funded, It was amazing it was that organized.

So, Thumbs up to Clean Pakistan!

Indeed you teamed up and cleaned it up!

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