WASH Specialist


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* Hygiene awareness messages taken to the streets and markets of Malakal town, Malakal teachning hospitals, state ministry offices, primary schools, through parade and marching by school children from 4 schiols, cultural groups, community leaders, NGOs accompanied by Police Brass Band playing hygiene message songs
* Handwashing demos by Makal county county commissioner , other political and government ministry staff at public gathering during the parade
* Songs & dances by the Shilluk cultural gala groups on hygiene messages
* Radio talk shows, jingles and radio spots and TV broadcat on Radio Miraya and South Sudan Radio & TV
* CARE International organised handwashing demons and speeches by headteachers and paramount Chief to girls in Adong Primary School in Adong Payam in Upper Nile State
* In Doro, Jammam, Genderassa and Yusif Batil refugee camps UNICEF and UNHCR organised with partners (Relief IntI, ARC, Solidarites, Oxfam GB, Mediar, ACTED, GOAL, Save the Children and IOM) the following events
- Street dancing and singing; bringing placards or banners with written handwashing messages
- Puppet show about GHWD Day and handwashing benefits
- Joint Children and Community Singing on handwashing
- Demonstration of hand Washing
- Message from Omda refugee representative
- Competitions among schools for:
• Dramas, Singing, Poems, Poster making
- Competitions among cluster camps: Singing, Dancing, Handwashing relay, Quiz show, Football match, Volleyball match, Badminton, Skipping rope"

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