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This Planner's Guide will help you plan a successful Global Handwashing Day event.  In addition to background information, the top five facts about handwashing you should know, and insights from the latest in handwashing research, the Planner's Guide features: Detailed...

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One of the older students explains what the UNICEF t-shirt means.
Country: Haiti
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Country: Australia
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Country: Somalia
Views: 68
Country: Pakistan
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Country: Burkina Faso
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Global Handwashing Day Celebration En Classe Kinshasa DRC
Country: Congo (Kinshasa)
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Country: Romania
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Awareness Campaign
Country: Liberia
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Hanging of hand washing facilities for celebration. 15, Oct, 2014
Country: Ethiopia
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Country: Pakistan
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Handwashing station installed at the gate of the festival hall
Country: Ethiopia
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Demonstration of handwashing
Country: India
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Country: Pakistan
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HFDI Commemorated Global handwashing day in Osun State
Country: Nigeria
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Country: Pakistan
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Country: Pakistan
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Spreading the hand washing message
Country: Papua New Guinea
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Country: Pakistan
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Country: Qatar
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