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Global Handwashing Day, October 15

Virtual Campaigns

Virtual campaigns, such as social media & digital campaigns, Twitter chats, Facebook Live events, and webinars, are a great way to join Global Handwashing Day celebrations if you are unable to attend events in community. We encourage you to attend and participate in these Global Handwashing Day 2018 events and learn more handwashing with soap.

On this page, you will find Global Handwashing Day digital campaigns, such as virtual events. We encourage you to participate in any events that interest you. As activities are announced, we will update this page and suggest that you check this page frequently for the latest events. If you’re organization is planning a virtual event or digital campaign, let us know at, and we will promote it on this page.

In addition, we will be sharing the latest Global Handwashing Day digital campaigns, blogs, videos, including webinar recordings, podcasts, social media events, celebrations from around the world, and more. You can also learn about past events and planning virtual campaigns.

Virtual Events

There are no virtually Global Handwashing Day events currently planned for 2017. Check back again in 2018!

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Digital campaigns

American Cleaning Institute | Our Hands, Our Future
Despite its lifesaving potential, handwashing with soap is seldom practiced. Even in the United States, where soap is plentiful, handwashing doesn’t happen as often as it should. Learn more and browse American Cleaning Institute’s Global Handwashing Day resources here.

Deb | Stop the Spread of Germs
This year Deb’s Global Handwashing Day 2017 campaign focuses on primary schools, encouraging students to become Handwashing Champions. It is an opportunity to engage with students creatively and help them to understand why, when and how to wash their hands with soap and water. Browse free resources for teachers & students, and learn about Deb’s washroom solutions for schools here.

Dettol | Global Hand Washing Day: Give Life a Hand
As part of the Global Handwashing Day campaign, Dettol is on a mission to spread awareness about the importance of hand washing with soap, and drive habit change especially among young children. Learn more here.

Essity |Make a Difference in the World Using Your Hands
Global Handwashing Day 2017 is October 15. Essity’s Global Handwashing Day 2017 theme is “Get your hands dirty for hand hygiene”.Getting your hands dirty means you’re not afraid to get involved. It demonstrates a commitment to a goal and is a sign of character. In order to make strides towards a better future, we need to dig in and work hard, and Essity is celebrating the people who do so on Global Handwashing Day and every day. Learn more here.

Lifebuoy | Help a Child Reach 5 on Global Handwashing Day
This Global Handwashing Day, Lifebuoy is calling on everyone to make a great big noise and not to let this situation be forgotten until it’s solved. Lifebuoy is working with communities around the world to educate them on healthy handwashing habits and is standing up for every dream of every child and parent. Together, we can make sure those first memories for a #BrightFuture are made. Learn more here and follow the conversation on social media using #Helpachildreach5.

Outreach International | Global Handwashing Day – You Can Help
Outreach and Dial® invite you to lend a hand and to read about the good things made possible by Global Handwashing Day celebration efforts here.

USAID Maternal & Child Survival Program | WASH in Healthcare Facilities: A toolbox for improving quality of care
The USAID’s flagship Maternal & Child Survival Program works to advocate for investments in WASH in HCFs, improve programmatic approaches, and contribute to global learning. This microsite includes a toolbox of resources as well as perspectives and an emerging approach from its experience integrating WASH in support of quality of care improvements that lead to improved health outcomes.

WaterAid | Talking about water, sanitation and health on Global Handwashing Day
To kick off their Global Handwashing Day in Nigeria, WaterAid developed and produced short health and hygiene messages in both English and Pidgin English for a mini radio campaign. Learn more here.

World Vision | Global Handwashing Day
To commemorate Global Handwashing Day, World Vision, with its partner Sesame Workshop, hosted a webinar to learn about the WASHUP! programme. WASH UP! is a multi-media, school- and center-based program that uses engaging learning and teaching materials to educate children and caregivers about positive health behaviors related to WASH. Visit World Vision’s campaign webpage and newsletter for access to the webinar recording and presentations, GHD blogs, additional campaign resources, and to learn more about the importance of hygiene and World Vision’s approach.

WSSCC | Tools and Tips to Celebrate Global Handwashing Day 2017
Every year, Global Handwashing Day is celebrated by WSSCC with events, campaigns, and handwashing programs around the world. WSSCC is pleased to share its own and the Global Handwashing Partnership’s resources to help make GHD events and initiatives a success. View WSSCC’s campaign page to learn about its GHD 2017 campaign, as well as infographics and a blog promoting the Day.

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Blogs can also be found on News & Updates. Read more past Global Handwashing Day blogs here.

World Vision | Our Hands, Our Future – Let’s invest more (October 23)

WaterAid | Handwashing with soap: why should we care? (October 16)

International Coalition for Trachoma Control | From clean hands to clean faces: Working with the WASH sector to end trachoma (October 13)

WSSCC | Our hands, our futures (October 13)

USAID | Exploring the Handwashing Research of Dr. Reshmaan Husssam (October 13)

HappyTap | Changing the message: to promote handwashing, we need to stop talking about it (October 13)

DefeatDD A Healthy Future is in our Hands (October 12)

GIZ/Fit for School | Fit for the Future! Combating malnutrition through daily handwashing in schools (October 11)

Global Handwashing Partnership | Research improves handwashing programs by uncovering drivers of behavior change (October 9)

World Vision | Catch them young: Three challenges to the WASH sector to accelerate handwashing (October 5)

USAID Water | Handwashing with soap, where are we? (October 4)

World Vision | A future without handwashing (October 4)

World Vision | Lessons from children: What a 4-year-old reminded me about handwashing (Oct 4)

World Vision | Sherifa: A shining star for WASH (October 4)

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Videos & Recordings

Facebook Live

Webinars & Podcast

WASH UP! webinar | World Vision & Sesame Workshop

Handwashing campaigns

Wash Your Hands O | United Purpose Handwashing Song | SpaTap

Our Hands, Our Future | International Aid

LaBobo video (vietnamese) | HappyTap

#SwachhHaathIndia | Team Swachh Bharat & WASH United

#HandwashConfessions | Godrej protekt

Global Handwashing Day 2017 | World Vision Afghanistan

Letter for Life | Dettol 

Mundo Sano celebró el Día Mundial del
Lavado de Manos
| Fundación Mundo Sano


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Past Events

In 2017, there were a number of digital Global Handwashing Day campaigns that took place, such as videos, webinars and live presentations. You can find and watch some of them below:

  • GHP Facebook Live events & interviews from the field with partners
  • GHP & USAID webinar: “Norms, nudges, or addiction? Understanding drivers for handwashing behavior change.”
  • World Vision webinar on the WASHUP! Programme
  • WSSCC & 3ie webinar series on interventions to promote handwashing and sanitation

In 2016, there were a number of digital Global Handwashing Day campaigns that took place, such as videos, webinars and live presentations. You can find and watch some of them below:

  • A demonstration on proper handwashing, presented by the CDC
  • World Vision webinar with David Neal explored handwashing and the Science of Habit
  • American Cleaning Institute’s webinar which featured the CDC, the GHP & others
  • Global Handwashing Day video filmed by Dettol


  • GHP & FHI 360 event: “What the ‘H’ is the big deal with hygiene?”
  • LSHTM TEDx event with Dr. Val Curtis: “Who’s in control: the power of settings”

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 Learn more about planning virtual events and campaigns


Want to plan your own social media campaign for the day? Download the Social Media Toolkit to get started today! Let the Global Handwashing Partnership know how you plan to celebrate here. And don’t forget to use #GlobalHandwashingDay and tag the GHP @HandwashingSoap (Twitter) or @GlobalHandwashingDay (Facebook) in your social media posts!


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