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Household Level Handwashing Stations at Rural Areas, single usage, water tank, 2.4-4.8 USD, Bangladesh

February 27, 2023

Single tap household level handwashing stations use at rural areas with a water tank

NEW RESOURCE: Handwashing Stations Database

May 5, 2022

According to the latest estimates, 3 billion people – 40% of the world’s population – do not have a place in their homes to wash their hands with water and soap. Three quarters of those who lack access to water and soap live in the […]

Handwashing Stations Database

June 11, 2021

Do you know of a hand washing device that is not featured in this database? Please share details by filling out the form and be sure to include supplemental data, including technical data, drawings, and photos. Submit Now Disclaimer: This Handwashing station database in no […]

Handwashing Stations and Supplies for the COVID-19 Response

May 13, 2020

This document  provides an overview of available handwashing station designs for policy makers, implementers and procurement officers. It places special importance on local manufacturing and procurement and complements existing technical and programmatic guidance on WASH and COVID-19. It was jointly developed in the context of […]

Hardware for Group Handwashing Stations in Schools Field Guide

March 16, 2015

This Field Guide developed by the GIZ Fit for School project looks at approaches, common mistakes, and lessons learned from the project’s group handwashing in schools initiative.

Celebrating Global Handwashing Day: Transforming Trachoma Prevention in Ethiopia

October 17, 2023

By: Sarit Baum, Head of Partnerships and Communications, NALA Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) impact over 1 billion people globally, and can lead to blindness, malnutrition, and disability amongst the world’s poorest people. Encompassing a group of 20 diseases and conditions, several NTDs are associated with […]

Water Mission Accessible Handwashing Station

January 11, 2023

This handwashing station was specifically built to serve individuals who utilize wheelchairs. Many handwashing stations may meet basic standards for wheelchair accessibility, but wheelchair accessible handwashing stations should be specifically designed for those with mobility limitations to use safely and with dignity. Please note that […]

Lessons from management of public handwashing facilities in Kenya

October 21, 2021

By: Dennis Munai, Rogers Moraro, and Viola Tupeiya – Amref Health Africa in Kenya Photo credit: NBCC Kenya With the outbreak of coronavirus disease in 2019 (COVID-19), hand washing has been applied as a mainstay public health measure against the spread of the infection. Moreover, […]

Global Handwashing Day Press Release

October 8, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – October 8, 2021. Every October 15, millions of people come together to celebrate Global Handwashing Day through worldwide celebrations, events, and advocacy campaigns. Founded in 2008 by the Global Handwashing Partnership, Global Handwashing Day serves as a platform to raise awareness of and […]

[Webinar Summary] Improving Handwashing in Specific Contexts

November 23, 2020

By: Lily McCann, FHI 360/Global Handwashing Partnership On October 1, 2020, the Global Handwashing Partnership launched the Handwashing Thursday Series. The series aims to amplify the launch of the Partnership’s most recent publication: The Handwashing Handbook. The handbook launched on Global Handwashing Day 2020, and […]


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