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 /  Published by CDC & the University at Buffalo

Strategies and Challenges to Handwashing Promotion in Emergencies

Prepared by the University at Buffalo, this report seeks to understand approaches and challenges to improving hand hygiene in humanitarian emergencies though conducting informant interviews with experts.


 /  Published by Global Handwashing Partnership

Governments Take Action

Governments play a crucial role in supporting handwashing policies. This document explores how governments and promote handwashing and gives practical examples.


 /  Published by UN Water

UN-Water Sanitation Fact Sheet

This infographic, developed by UN-Water, shares valuable facts about sanitation.


 /  Published by UNICEF

Raising Clean Hands: WASH in Schools Advocacy Pack

Develop your WASH in Schools advocacy plan by using this resource developed by UNICEF.


 /  Published by UNICEF & WHO

Diarrhoea: Why Children are Still Dying and What Can be Done

This report from UNICEF/WHO explores the prevalence and toll of childhood diarrhea across the globe and puts forth a 7-point plan to prevent childhood diarrhea.


 /  Published by UNICEF & Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India

India’s 2012 to 2017 National WASH Advocacy and Communications Strategy

The overall goal of this strategy is to make sure that people have both access to and use a toilet and practice good hygiene, including handwashing with soap after the toilet and before food.


 /  Published by UNICEF

Raising Even More Clean Hands: Advancing Health, Learning, and Equity through WASH in Schools

This Joint Call to Action outlines the importance of WASH in Schools and provides practical examples of how governments and others can support WASH in Schools.


 /  Published by PLoS Medicine

From Joint Thinking to Joint Action: A Call to Action on Improving Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for Maternal and Newborn Health

Water, sanitation, and hygiene are of vital importance for maternal and newborn health. This report highlights the linkages between the two and urges for better integration.


 /  Published by The Lancet

Effect of Handwashing on Child Health: A Randomized Controlled Trial

This randomized controlled trial assessed the effect of hand hygiene promotion on diarrhea and acute lower respiratory tract infection.


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