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The Global Handwashing Partnership


Cholera and Handwashing Fact Sheet  >

Published: August 9, 2016

Cholera is a diarrheal disease that has a substantial impact on public health. Each year, it affects the lives of millions of people, especially those who live in conditions that are not conducive to practicing preventive measures. Cholera contributes to the deaths of tens of […]


Water and Sanitation Program’s Sanitation Marketing Toolkit  >

Published: March 16, 2015

Sanitation marketing is an emerging field with great promise to improve access and use of sanitation products and services. This toolkit and its print companion, Introductory Guide to Sanitation Marketing, offer practitioners and program managers suggestions based on the Water and Sanitation Program‘s experience implementing […]


UN-Water Sanitation Fact Sheet  >

Published: March 16, 2015

This infographic, developed by UN-Water, shares valuable facts about sanitation.


Handwashing & Ebola Factsheet  >

Published: January 29, 2015

Ebola virus disease is a severe acute viral disease that can spread from animal to human or from human to human, both through direct contact with an infected person or animal’s bodily fluids, or through contact with materials that have been contaminated with these infected […]



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