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The Global Handwashing Partnership

About Us

The Global Handwashing Partnership is a coalition of international stakeholders who work explicitly to promote handwashing with soap and recognize hygiene as a pillar of international development and public health.

Established in 2001, the Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP) member organizations today include government agencies, multilateral organizations, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions.

The GHP aims to drive forward, develop, and share knowledge to strengthen handwashing implementation, build political commitment, and trigger action to promote handwashing at local, national, and international levels, including through advocacy initiatives, such as Global Handwashing Day.

We are guided by a global vision that proper handwashing with soap at critical times will be universally recognized, promoted, and practiced as fundamental to good health. In order to work towards this global vision, the GHP has a partnership vision which is to improve health globally by acting as the preeminent global advocate and thought leader for handwashing with soap. The GHP’s activities and objectives are aligned with and executed in support of these visions.

We believe that
  • Handwashing is a priority behavior for international development that impacts health, nutrition, education, economic development, and equity.
  • Everybody in the world can be empowered and motivated to protect the health of themselves and those around them through handwashing with soap.
  • Partnering across sectors can drive and increase the impact of handwashing promotion and practices to ultimately make universal handwashing with soap a reality.
We serve as
  • The reliable, up-to-date knowledge resource for implementing handwashing behavior change programs and initiatives.
  • Catalysts for hygiene advocacy, seeking commitments to hygiene at every level.
  • Matchmakers for handwashing partnerships, harnessing diverse expertise, experience, ideas, resources, and reach to maximize impact.

We work towards our vision through strengthening the hygiene enabling environment and helping handwashing programs move from knowledge to action. We welcome others who are also working to address the global hygiene challenge to join us!


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