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The Global Handwashing Partnership

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Join our coalition of organizations improving and saving  lives through handwashing with soap.

The Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP) brings together organizations working to save lives through promotion of handwashing with soap. Affiliation with the GHP enables members join global advocacy and knowledge sharing around handwashing with soap. Through the GHP, members receive opportunities to learn from each other; highlight their work in a global network; share knowledge and strategies; align objectives and resources; and create and harness synergies to improve lives through the effective promotion of handwashing with soap.  Members contribute time and resources to the Partnership corresponding to their level of affiliation.

For more detailed information about joining the GHP, or to request a membership application, please contact the Secretariat. Applications are reviewed by the Secretariat and Steering Committee on a quarterly basis.

Benefits of affiliation with the GHP

The largest benefit of formal affiliation with the GHP is partnership with diverse organizations to collaborate to achieve universal handwashing promotion and practice. Benefits to members and partners, in addition to those offered to the general public, include:

  • Opportunities to contribute, present, and share your organization’s work with a wide audience of handwashing stakeholders;
  • Opportunities to partner with a wide range of stakeholders from different sectors to promote handwashing, including collaborations facilitated by the GHP Secretariat;
  • Opportunities to advocate with other members on key handwashing issues;
  • Public acknowledgement that your organization supports handwashing promotion, including listing and linking to your organization on the GHP website;
  • Opportunities to highlight your organization’s resources and news on the GHP website, and in social media and the SoapBox newsletter;
  • Ability to recommend activities for the GHP’s annual business plan;
  • Technical support and advice on handwashing advocacy and programs;
  • Input into GHP priorities, such as the annual Global Handwashing Day theme; and
  • Opportunities to co-create events and written products with the GHP.

This list is not exhaustive, and membership benefits can be modified to reflect the diverse priorities of GHP members.

Categories of formal affiliation with the GHP

Steering Committee
Steering Committee members provide regular input to steer the direction and deliverables of the GHP, including decision making and contributions to business plans, consultations, and product development. They actively work in handwashing, partner across sectors to increase access handwashing, and engage in hygiene promotion activities around Global Handwashing Day. All Steering Committee members contribute substantial financial and/or in-kind resources to the GHP and attend biannual Steering Committee meetings.

Strategic Partner
Strategic partners provide a minimum financial contribution and/or other resources to support the work of the GHP. They support the promotion and practice of handwashing with soap to prevent infections and save lives as an international development priority. They also engage in handwashing promotion activities, including Global Handwashing Day.

Members are the broadest level of affiliation with the GHP. Member organizations should work in handwashing, have an active and demonstrated interest in partnering across sectors to drive and increase the impact of handwashing promotion, and engage in handwashing promotion activities.

Who can become affiliated with the Global Handwashing Partnership?

  • Research institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Multilateral agencies
  • Foundations or philanthropic organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private sector entities

If you belong to a group not described by this list, please contact us to inquire further. We do not currently accept members who wish to join in an individual capacity.



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