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Responding to COVID-19

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10 immediate WASH in schools (WinS) actions

This document developed by the WASH in Schools Network provides 10 WASH immediate actions to support school heads in managing their response to COVID-19.


USAID WASH: Strategic Approach to COVID-19 Response

USAID is responding to COVID-19 by bringing together multiple sectors in order to address critical emergency response, recovery, and long-term resilience that helps prevent the next outbreak. Within the health system, priorities include Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), including WASH, health systems strengthening, and global […]


Hand Hygiene for All: A Call to Action for All of Society to Achieve Universal Access to Hand Hygiene

The Hand Hygiene for All initiative aims to implement WHO’s global recommendations on hand hygiene to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic and work to ensure lasting infrastructure and behaviors. This document outlines why universal hand hygiene is important and how multiple actors can work […]


COVID Content Hub

A community-sourced platform for clinicians, public health professionals, and others responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in resource-limited settings. Access the content hub here. 

Handwashing Compendium for Low Resource Settings: A Living Document (2nd edition)

This compendium is a living document which will be updated regularly as learning emerges. It has been developed and disseminated quickly so immediate, relevant and timely actions can be taken. Find the living document here. Citation: Coultas, M. and Iyer, R. with Myers, J. (2020) […]


Beyond Raising Awareness: Promoting Handwashing in Nepal Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

This report proposes a simple framework for policy actions to effectively promote handwashing in Nepal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Raising awareness about proper handwashing is the cheapest, easiest and most important way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but it is far from sufficient […]


Inequalities in access to water and soap matter for the COVID-19 response in sub-Saharan Africa

Citation: Jiwani, S.S., Antiporta, D.A. (2020). Inequalities in access to water and soap matter for the COVID-19 response in sub-Saharan Africa. Int J Equity Health, 19. Abstract (excerpt): The COVID-19 pandemic has spread rapidly since the first case notification of the WHO in December […]


‘How to’ Brief: Communicating for Hand Hygiene during COVID-19

This brief provides suggestions for crisis planning and risk communication particular to hand hygiene and related issues for COVID-19. It also suggests some ways to accelerate your planning to shape effective behavior change initiatives and offers some tips particular to crisis communication.


Action Toolkit: Handwashing and Other Preventative Measures

This action toolkit provides guidance on what businesses can do immediately and in the longer term to raise awareness of and access to handwashing and other preventative measures. Government leadership is crucial, but companies and civil society organizations also have a vital role in working […]


Handwashing Stations and Supplies for the COVID-19 Response

This document  provides an overview of available handwashing station designs for policy makers, implementers and procurement officers. It places special importance on local manufacturing and procurement and complements existing technical and programmatic guidance on WASH and COVID-19. It was jointly developed in the context of […]


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