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Announcing the theme for Global Handwashing Day 2015: Raise a Hand for Hygiene!

August 4, 2015

This year’s theme for Global Handwashing Day is “Raise a hand for hygiene”!

This theme is action-oriented and can be used particularly well for advocacy purposes. For instance, the act of raising a hand is one of affiliation. You can and should identify yourself as a hygieBlue Raise a Handne champion. This can help create a strong social norm of good hygiene in a school, community, or region. Likewise, when people raise a hand, they can also be counted. In terms of handwashing, this is a reminder that it is possible for governments to count how many people wash their hands and have access to hygiene facilities in homes, schools, and healthcare facilities. Governments must measure hygiene indicators to know where resources should be concentrated. Global Handwashing Day is a good opportunity to ask governments to fulfill this important role. We can also raise a hand to draw attention to the need for change, from parents’ associations raising a hand to ask for a better school hygiene policy to celebrities raising a hand to ask politicians to fund hygiene programs.

We have many tools and resources to help you raise a hand for hygiene, including an updated Planner’s Guide

This newest edition of the Planner’s Guide includes:

  • New case studies
  • Spotlights on the latest big ideas in handwashing, including emotional motivators (pg. 12) and behavioral drivers (pg. 20)
  • Information on assessing the impact of Global Handwashing Day (pg. 52)
  • Tips for promoting hygiene beyond Global Handwashing Day (pg. 73)
  • and more!

On this website you can find many resources, including:

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