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Clean Hands for All with Essity

October 3, 2019

By: Reneé Remijnse, Essity


Over 1.3 billion people worldwide live with disabilities. Hygiene is a basic right and should be available and accessible for all. Tork products promote clean hands for all with dispensers that are ‘Easy to Use ‘certified for people with limited functionalities and strength in their hands.

Also, we take care that our products are easy to carry, open and handle by adapting our packaging with Tork EasyHandling® functionalities.

This Global Handwashing Day, we urge you to ask “who do you wash your hands for?”

Follow people’s lives and hands throughout a day. A touch of your hands can say more than 1,000 words. We support Global Handwashing Day’s theme ‘Clean Hands for All’ on making sure no one is left behind when it comes to accessible and effective hand hygiene facilities.


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