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¿Te lavaste las manos?

Location: Chia, Colombia
Participants: 400
 Instituto Educativo Santa María del Río; Fundación Milenium

On October 15, 2014, Fundación Milenium celebrated Global Handwashing Day with the students from the Instituto Educativo Santa María del Río public school in Chía, Colombia. We did a set of 3 activities to raise awareness about the importance of handwashing. First, we asked the students how clean they thought their hands and that of their classmates were. Younger children (5-7) thought their hands were clean, while older kids (8-10) assumed their hands were dirty. We then showed the Global Handwashing Dance in order to teach them the handwashing steps and provided the children with soap and paper towels. The kids washed their hands and we asked them what was their favorite part about washing their hands- Girls loved “the butterfly” step and boys “the motorcycle”. We also asked them what they thought was good about washing their hands with soap. Many of them said it was the good smell of the soap, the bubbles and the feeling of freshness in their hands while a few mentioned avoiding disease. Finally, we sang The Wiggles’ Hand Washing Song. It was an excellent day, we had a lot fun!


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