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Anembom Consulting Celebrates Global Handwashing Day in Cameroon

When: October 15
Organizer: Anembom Consulting
Number of Participants: Over 360 people

Three main activities were carried out on this day – radio talk, participation in opening ceremony of GHD and visit to schools.

Radio Talk Show
First thing on the 15th of October 2015 was a radio talk show. Togho Lumumba Mukong of Anembom Consulting was guest to the Hot Coco radio show, the Big Breakfast Show that runs from 7:30 to 8:30 am. The talk show gave an opportunity to create awareness about GHD, its theme for 2015, and key messages about handwashing with soap and other facts about handwashing. The discussion gave an outlet to pass on 2 prepared messages.

Opening of GHD in Mezam Division
Annually the various educational authorities organize events to observe the day. This year, the head of basic education for Mezam (Divisional Delegate) chose Bamenda I council as the locality for this activity. Bamenda I Council is a partner council of Anembom Consulting with whom we had planned activities for GHD. The occasion took place in the premises of Catholic School Ntenefor and Anembom Consulting was represented by Mr. Albert Tamanjung.

The event was heavily attended by persons from the administration, educational authorities, opinion leaders, members of the public and primary school children from 13 schools. The event was characterized by different speeches, animation from the different schools present through dance, songs, rhyme and demonstrations.

Through the event the paper – facts on handwashing – was distributed and the plan to continue the promotion of handwashing with soap was made known by distributing the poster on handwashing. This plan is composed of talks to all schools in the council area and the provision of posters. It is a joint venture with the council.

At the end of the event, the message of the day – raise a hand for hygiene – reached over 300 pupils, 60 people from the community and administration.

School Visits
One visit took place within the school complex in Old Town Bamenda within the Bamenda II council area. This complex houses 2 Government Practising Schools (GPS Group I and GPS Group II). The visiting team was made up of Anembom Consulting, Mr. Benjamin Ben Fru Ndi (Councillor Bamenda II and Grand Councillor Bamenda City Council) who sponsored the event. Other members of the team included a print journalist from The Post Newspaper (Mr. Chris Mbunwe) and a radio journalist from Radio Hot Coco (Mr. Jato).

The highlight of the Bamenda visit was a discussion on hygiene, centered on the theme of the day, with class six pupils; which had:

  • Messages from the donor, Anembom Consulting and head teachers
  • Questions & Answers in plenary
  • Donation of gifts of handwashing equipment (buckets, bowls and cups)
  • Demonstration on handwashing with soap started by the school sanitation prefect

The second visit was to St. Roland International Academy Center in Mangu, Ndu Council area. The visit was done by Mr. Eric Asenge of Anembom Consulting. The highlights of the visit was the delivery of a message on the importance of handwashing, critical times to wash hands and how to wash hands correctly. As in the other school, this was followed by demonstration of handwashing with soap.

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