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Aromas y Colores celebrates Global Handwashing Day with student group in Villa Allende, Argentina

Aromas y Colores works with a student group at the ITyOPAS high school in Villa Allende in Cordoba, Argentina on its project called “Soap, an opportunity to start a journey to health”, teaching students how to make and sell soap, and the importance of using soap. Students learn how to create solid soap, liquid soap, and perfumed soap. This group hosted a presentation on October 17, where students displayed their products to visitors about the importance of soap in health. For these talks on healthy habits, the student group worked with the School of Nursing from the University of Cordoba and the Biochemical Board of Cordobs.

A second company exhibition was held in the school by students from 4th and 5th years (K10 and K11) from the Economy and Business Orientation. Students from 5th year showed their  accounting registers and everything related to their small enterprises. They also showed their goods already packed for selling. This year they paid special attention to direct marketing at the selling point and “guerrilla marketing”, an unusual kind of direct marketing specially designed for low budgets.

Students were visited by the a nurse who always talked to students from the 4th year and b y the Development Department Director of the town hall, Mr Máximo Mansilla Yofre, who showed great interest in the students work at school. The exhibition started at 8:45 am and finished at 5:00 pm and all the students from school visited to know what kind of work students from the Orientation do at school. Students from 4th shared the activities done through out the school, as well as talking about the importance of handwashing as a way of healthcare. They elaborated that the liquid soap is used in the school toilets and they promote hand washing among their class and schoolmates.


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