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Bauchi State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency and UNICEF celebrate in Nigeria

Bauchi State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency and UNICEF commemorated Global Handwashing Day on the 25th of October. Over 2,000 people participated, with high profile dignitaries, such as the state governor, state commissioners, UNICEF Bauchi Chief of Field Office, the local government council chairmen, members of the state legislature, and traditional leaders. The celebration featured traditional songs, drama and jingles on the importance of handwashing with soap, while both schoolchildren and dignitaries demonstrated handwashing with soap using tippy-taps.

The occasion also featured the presentation of certificates to 100 ODF communities, soaps and exercise books to schools, tool boxes to trained local area mechanics (LAMs) to VLOM, and the signing of MoUs with local private investors forthe uptake of the provision of sanitation facilities in public places under a PPP arrangement.

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