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Blacktown Anglican Child Care Centre and Preschool Celebrates in Australia

Location: Woodcroft, Australia
Participants: 20
 Blacktown Anglican Child Care Centre and Preschool

Our topic for group time this week was all about WATER. We find it appropriate to integrate the Global Handwashing Day celebration with our topic.
Water is a valuable commodity that should not be wasted. Teaching our children to value, respect, and, above all, not to waste water, is an important – and ecologically sound – lesson that should be taught from an early age.
It’s a rainy morning today, the Rosellas started group time by singing songs about rain (♫“If All of the Raindrops”, “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” and “The Eeency Weency Spider.” ♫) After singing, Teacher Ellen asked the children to recall the theme for the week. Prince replied, “Water!” Teacher Ellen asked, “Why is water important? What do we use it for?” (Responses: “We used water to flush the toilet.” – Ayaan / “We use water for the garden.” – Prince / “We use water to clean the dishes.” – Sally) “If water is important, then we should not waste it. Can you help think of ways to conserve water?” (Responses: “Take short shower.” – Ben / “Turn the tap off.” – Keziah / “Use a bucket when washing car instead of hose.” – Eden / “Water plants in the morning.” – Prince). Then, Teacher Ellen reminded the Rosellas that October 15 is Global Hand Washing Day. The event is raising awareness on the importance of using water and soap for hand washing to prevent sickness. Teacher Ellen read the big book entitled, “Handy the Octopus Saves the Day” which tells the story of how Handy helped his friends discover how, why and when to wash their hands. The Rosellas also looked at Handy’s 5 Steps for Clean Hands poster (Soap + Water / Bubbles / Rub / Rinse / Dry). Janelle proudly showed to the class her homework showing a picture of herself using water and soap to wash her hands at home. Finally, before going for lunch, all the Rosella children went to the toilet one by one to practice the proper way of washing hands.

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