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CFID Celebrates GHD 2015 in Nigeria

Organizer: Centre for Information and Development (CFID)
Number of Participants: 1,000 children

CFID took this year’s hand washing campaign to three regular and one Special School for Handicapped Children.

In each of the schools the team engaged the pupils with the entry song ‘wash your hands,’ a song created by Concern Universal. The lyrics encouraged its listeners to wash their hands at critical times such as before and after eating, after using the toilet and changing baby diapers. This was immediately followed by an unveiling of the theme for the year and the purpose of the day. A quick interactive session followed on the importance of hand washing, diseases that can be prevented by effective hand washing as well as recommended hand washing practices. A demonstration followed with the seven steps in hand washing. The program closed with the distribution of pens, tablets of soap as well as educational stickers to the enthusiastic pupils in Special School for Handicap and Churchill school followed by group pictures.

Read more about the event on the CFID GHD 2015 Overview.

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