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Choo Salama Celebrates in Dar, Tanzania

Location: Dar El Salam, Tanzania
LAS Consultancy, Maro Cleaners, Bubbly

Choo Salama, an NGO that promotes hygienic behavior by cleaning school toilets on a weekly basis hosted Global Handwashing Day activities at Ubungo Plaza Primary School  (Grade 1-3).

Activities included:

1. Teaching the children about the spread of germs through hands – we applied charcoal on the kids hands and asked them to give each other a handshake.
2. Then we taught the kids how to properly wash their hands – practically with water.
3. Held a quiz contest, with prizes for the winners.
4. We built a “tippy tap” a device that the children will use to wash their hands even though their school does not have running water
5. Meanwhile a cleaning company cleaned all the toilets which were in poor condition due to the lack of water.


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