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Console Mission celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Nepal

Beginning from August 2017, this year Console Mission (Dilasha Aviyan) started to spread the message of Global Handwashing Day 2017. 3 active volunteers were recruited to give priority to this program who went in the market place with pamphlet that give ideas about the importance and the proper way of handwashing. The targeted groups were the various types of shops in the market areas at 3 different places, passing the message about the importance of washing hand using antibiotic soap and, informing about the essential time for washing hand and importance of lathering for 20 seconds. 

Until the beginning for October 2017, materials like pamphlets, banners, and cap was ready. Since starting from the mid of July to the end of October is the religious months and biggest festival occur during the Global Handwashing Day, it has been challenging to prepare, communicate volunteers who are either busy in festival or going out.

On 13th October, about 65 volunteers attended and learned about the importance of Global Handwashing Day and its objectives. A professional nurse took about 45 minutes educational class. The participation were mostly student from bachelor-level social work, health, and management.

On the Global Handwashing Day, 4 teams including a mobile team were actively spreading the message of Handwashing Day and relevant message to Safe Life, Save Money. The mobile team was showing drama on the topic Safe Life, Save Money at three different places where Handwashing Points were set. Every team consisted a team leader and every team member has their own role (managing water, managing banner, distributing pamphlet, demonstrating handwashing and recording the information about the person who had tried to followed washing hand as demonstrated).

40 volunteers were present for Global Handwashing Day from Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur (Kathmandu Valley). Based on the record, those people who washed their hand were from 24 districts of Nepal mostly from the local area (there are 75 districts in Nepal). 4800 pamphlets were distributed including from August 2017. The active volunteers reached to 550 retail small and medium sized profitable shops who distributed the pamphlets. The pamphlets were printed in discount by Manjushree Printing Press in Lagankhel, market place in Lalitpur.

Overall, those volunteers who attended the Global Handwashing Day 2017, were the primary target, among it about 70% are well equipped and they are the volunteers from last years program. As they have been educating in the public about the importance of hand washing on the occasion of Global Handwashing Day, they have been developing their knowledge and ideas. Hence, a mobile team come with an idea about street drama and music that pulled the public even in a quiet day of second largest festival day on Sunday. On 13th, preparation day, 65 participants washed their hand valuing 20 seconds lather activity.



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