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CSHEEH celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Nigeria

Centre for School Health Education and Environmental Hygiene (CSHEEH) commemorated on October 17 at the ARWA Basic Schools, Wuse, Zone 4, in Abuja. The event was targeted at the entire school population with a total of 650 students and 73 staff. Also participating were the 7 members of staff of CSHEEH. The activities carried out include:

  • Health Talk on the importance and benefits of Handwashing, how to wash our hands, and when to wash hands.
  • Practical demonstration on how to wash our hands. 
  • Selected students showed practical demonstrated on how to wash hands.
  • Distribution of 700 customized 60 exercise books to students and staff .
  • Donation of antibacterial liquid hand soap and disposable hand towels to the school.
  • Taking of photographs to capture cross section of the students and staff during the health talk, practical demonstration on How to wash our hands, presentation of donated items, distribution of exercise books, and more.


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