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Dow Chemical and Unilever celebrate in Singapore

Dow and Unilever teamed-up in Singapore to teach 500 children good habits of handwashing. About 30 Dow employees together with 100 Unilever employees visited eight preschools to teach 3 to 6 year olds the good habits of handwashing. This is Dow’s latest collaboration with Unilever, which focused on being a Global Handwashing Day program that advocates good handwashing habits using soap and water on various occasions to keep infections away. Through activities such as story-telling, singing and dancing, the children learned good handwashing habits. To date, Unilever/Lifebuoy has taught 337 million children (out of their target of 1 billion) around the world in their social mission.

Dow also reach over 200,000 people with its new infographic that was promoted via social media.

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