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En Classe Foundation & Lifebuoy Celebrate Global Handwashing Day

When: October 12 to 17
Organizers: En Classe Foundation, Unilever
Number of Participants: More than 5,000 children

For the second year in a row, the En Classe Foundation together with Lifebuoy (Unilever) organized a week-long event to celebrate Global Handwashing Day (GHD) in Kinshasa, DRC. Along with renovating school buildings, the En Classe Foundation engages its schools in various programs to improve the quality of education and hygiene standards. All of this is done with the aim to build brighter futures for thousands of Congolese children. Through our hygiene programs we educate students, teachers, and the community year-round on different aspects of hygiene, including handwashing, waste treatment and toilet use.

To celebrate GHD 2015, we organised events at 12 different schools during the week of October 12 – 17th. The entire activity was funded by Unilever’s Lifebuoy soap. The events included a fun and educational theatre performance on handwashing with soap, a handwashing song in the local language, Lingala, a demonstration on the 7 techniques of handwashing and a handwashing competition amongst the children. At the end of the event all children, teachers and parents received a bar of Lifebuoy soap as well as an educational leaflet to take home. More than 5000 children, parents and teachers participated in the activities, which were covered by the main Congolese media. It was a fun and informative week, which allowed the partners of En Classe to once again make the children aware of the importance of an effective hand hygiene. During the remainder of the school year En Classe will continue to educate the schools on handwashing amongst other hygiene topics.

Read more about their event here.

Kinshasa En Classe 1 Kinshasa En Classe 2

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