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Emeralds Missions teaches handwashing to students in Lagos

Emeralds Missions in Nigeria celebrated Global Handwashing Day with a handwashing talk and demonstration in three different schools on the 13th and 14th of October. The aim was to teach and encourage young children to make hand washing a habit. The first talk was at Royal international school, Baruwa Lagos. There were 32 boys and girls in attendance from year one to year five and seven teachers. The second was at Royalty path school in Ipaja, Lagos state with 49 pupils in attendance and 6 teachers while the third was at Watered garden school in Baruwa with 47 pupils and 10 teachers in attendance. The talk and demonstration was hands-on and filled with fun to make the children enjoy the training and remember the salient points. Two children in each school were asked to demonstrate proper hand washing to their peers. The pupils were taught a song to remind them on proper hand washing and to also ensure that they wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. The pupils were told to spread the message to their friends and families. The pupils were given a picture on hand washing to color and to remind them to wash their hands always.

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