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Foundation for Health & Development in Nigeria celebrates Global Handwashing Day in Anambra State schools

Foundation for Health & Development in Nigeria (FHDN) celebrated Global Handwashing day at Odida Central School Nnewichi, Nnewi, Anambra State. The program was organized and sponsored by FHDN. 150 primary school pupils and 4 teachers participated. FHDN taught the primary school pupils the importance of regular Hand washing, the occasions for hand washing and the 11 steps of proper handwashing. After the teaching and demonstration, the pupils lined up and practiced the proper handwashing as taught. FHDN also donated tapped buckets, liquid soap, disposable serviettes for drying hand after handwashing and laminated print outs of the 11 steps of proper handwashing, which were pasted at locations of handwashing as a reinforcement of the message.


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