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Global Handwashing Day at British Embassy School Turkey

The British Embassy School Ankara, Turkey incorporated ‘Global Handwashing Day’ into their ongoing healthy and hygieneAnkara Day School health promotion activities with a simple Powerpoint, some handwashing clips on YouTube, and a couple of fun experiments to demonstrate how germs are spread.

In the first activity, a balloon filled with confetti was blown up and then released in the classroom to show how far germs spread when you don’t cover your cough or sneeze. In the second experiment, the school nurse applied Vaseline and lots of green glitter to her hands to emulate a sneeze! She then shook the hand of the student beside her, he shook the next person’s hand and so on. The green glitter went all the way down the line and showed the children the importance of covering their coughs and sneezes in their sleeves. Finally, all the students were given a bottle of hand soap courtesy of Colgate-Palmolive to continue their newly-learned hand washing techniques at home.

There were 50 celebrants.

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