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Global Handwashing Day in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

Location: Hyperabad & Secunderabad, Pakistan
Participants:  850
  Association for Promotion of Social Activities

On 15 October 2014, 9 events were done by APSA ( Association for promotion of Social Activities) a partner NGO with Plan India in 8 schools and one community to spread awareness about hand washing with soap with the right technique. video clips of “UNICEF – Do the global hand washing dance”; ” Washy Washy clean”; Health phone hand washing with soap and water (Hindi) and Global hand washing day (Hindi) were shown to the students. Apart from the video clips, hand wash demos were also given after which the students came forward to practice the hand washing techniques.
Nearly 850 students and women participated in these activities and learnt about the importance of washing hands with soap using the right techniques.

The chief guests were prominent persons from the community such as the member of legislative assembly Mr DRK Lakshman; Deputy Mayor and local community leaders.

A handwash kit containing liquid soap, nail cutter and a napkin was given as a token gesture to the Government Primary School of Musheerabad to encourage hand washing with soap.

The schools where the activities were carried out are: 1) Pentiah Government Primary School; Hamalibasthi. 2) Government Primary School, Anjiahnagar B; 3) Chikadpally Government Primary School, Vodderbasti; 4) Audiah Government Primary School; Nallagutta; 5) Audiah Government High School, nallagutta; 6) Government High School, Nallagutta (new); 7) government Primary School, Thallabasthi and 8) Government Primary School, Musheerabad.

the event was covered in the local newspapers.
The community where the hand wash demo was done is Hamalibasti, Secunderabad.

APSA Plan works in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.


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