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Global Handwashing Day Yemen

Location: Yemen
Participants: 150
Organizer: World Relief, PartnerAid International

World Relief Deutschland & PartnerAid International celebrated Global Handwashing Day by engaging with 140 students in 3 public schools (the 8th grade) in Al Durhemy, a rural town 45 minutes south of the Yemeni port city of Al-Hudediah. Our local staff presented a short introduction about the importance of hygiene and hand cleanliness. Then they taught the students how to build a prototypical ‘Bottle-Tap’ handwashing device made from common materials that they all would have immediate, and free, access to (wood, plastic bottle, string). After the students were shown how to build the Bottle-Tap by the teachers they were split into groups of three. Each group was given a kit that included the necessary materials and written instructions. They then proceeded to construct the device themselves. After constructing them they displayed their working models to their classmates. Then they proceeded to fill out a short lists of questions which ultimately gives us feedback on how relevant a device like this could be to their homes and communities. Our local staff said it was well received and an overall success.

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