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Global Handwashing Day Celebration at Guntur District

Location: Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Participants: 30,000
 District Water & Sanitation Mission (Rural Water Supply & Sanitation); Sarva Sikasha Abhiyan (RVM), on an average 100 school students, Teachers, Head Teacher, Mandal Education Officers, Assistant Engineers; Assistant Executive Engineers; Deputy Executive Engineers, Executive Engieers and other district level officials have taken part in the Global Handwashing Day. The teachers have demonstrated handwashing with soap at critical times. Students have practiced handwashing with soap and taken oath that they will wash hands with soap at critical times. Rallies have taken out from each of the school. Students have gone round the village reciting slogans on the importance of handwashing and construct and use individual toilets to maintain good health and protect environment.


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