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Handwashing in Haiti

Location: Les Cayes, Haiti
Participants: 900
Organizations: Hope for Haiti

On Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 Hope for Haiti participated in Global Handwashing Day at two community schools. Over 900 students, teachers, administrators, and community members came out to enjoy the event. Public health nurses talked about the importance of handwashing and what types of diseases can be spread by not washing your hands. Students learned in particular what diseases affect them in their communities.

The public health nurses then demonstrated how to properly wash hands. A few brave students even got up show their peers what they had just learned! The Community Health Workers, whom are trained by Hope for Haiti Public Health Nurses, then helped facilitate a game where students were quizzed on best handwashing practices. Those who answered correctly got a great prize!

Hope for Haiti’s Clean Water technician also participated in the day, making sure that the taps (which were installed in previous years) were running so students could practice with clean water. The Sustainable Communities team helped set up handwashing stations around the school grounds so that all students could have a place to wash their hands.

The community and staff had a great day and were very excited to continue practicing healthy handwashing habits! Each student left the day with a Handwashing Kit which included a bar of soap and an informational poster demonstrating proper handwashing techniques.

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