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Handwashing Promotion in Killai, Tamil Nadu

Ekta is a resource centre that works with and for girls and women in poverty and dangerous situations through a gender and development approach that also involves boys and men. Ekta also manages a shelter home called Nambikkai Centre in Killai (Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu). Cesvi is an independent NGO that works for a global solidarity. Cesvi aims to human solidarity and social justice through concrete aid and the affirmation of human rights. Ibo Italia is a NGO that enrols Italian volunteers and sends them to working camps and shelter homes worldwide in order to take part in several development projects with local partners.

In summer 2014 three Italian volunteers organised some activities for the promotion of good uses of water, sanitation, and handwashing in the rural village of Killai with students of governmental schools and children living at Nambikkai Centre. The village is part of the wasted tsunami area, poverty and illiteracy rate are high and, especially among Irular people, basic hygienic-sanitation habits are almost unknown. The school’s and shelter home’s children were provided with hygiene education lessons about the importance of hand-washing with soap in critical times, the use of toilets and safe drinking water sources with games, demonstrations, songs and dances.

All the activities were both in English and Tamil.  Global Handwashing Day was a special occasion to share these good practices also with families and communities and grow the awareness of people (especially children, mothers and teachers) about the importance of hand-washing to prevent diseases. For us if we give help to disadvantaged and underdeveloped populations, the entire world will benefit and then be better and healthier.

There were 200 participants.


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