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Training Mothers in Handwashing in Haryana, India

Location: Haryana, India
Participants: 40
 Integrated Rural Development Project & SUKARYA

Under Integrated Rural Development Project (IRDP), Global Handwashing Day was celebrated at two villages, Manger & Gwalpahadi, with an objective of sensitizing the village women on their role to keep their family members & especially children healthy. 40 village women & girls were sensitized through lectures and demonstrations of the steps of handwashing using soap. IEC material containing the pictorial information of six steps of handwashing were distributed among participants to let them understand the process in a better manner.

Project staff told the women about the importance of handwashing with soap after daily household works like – washing cloths, cleaning the cattle, collecting wood for cooking, making cow dung cakes, etc. Most women didn’t realize cooking with unwashed hands can transfer germs transfer to their family members through the food resulting in diseases like diarrhea. As the food provider for the family and caretaker of children, the women can prevent the spread of diseases by adopting the habit of washing hands with soap. Women can also motivate other family members  to wash their hands regularly before meals, after using toilet and when they return from outside work.

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