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Hind Institute of Medical Sciences Celebrates Global Handwashing Day

Organizer: Department of Pediatrics, Hind Institute of Medical Sciences
Number of Participants: More than 250 students

A CME class on the “Importance of Handwashing in Healthcare Setting” was organized for medical & nursing students. Dr. Utkarsh Bansal gave an elaborate talk during the class and explained that using soap and water to wash hands can prevent a lot of diseases, because hands are the main carrier of many microbes. Diarrhea, respiratory infections, swine flu and even Ebola virus infection can be prevented. Handwashing will break the feco-hand-oral chain of transmission of pathogenic organisms. Washing with soap is good as it breaks down grease and dirt so it can be dislodged by the rubbing and friction when hands are washed, and then rinsed away- along with all the germs. He told students that the transfer of pathogens from one patient to another, which is known as Hospital Acquired Infection, can occur by the hands of health care workers if they don’t wash their hands properly.

Intern students with the help of Dr. Neha Thakur role played to demonstrate the wrong and correct way of Handwashing. The role play included all the steps of proper handwashing. Children also became a part of it and learned how to do proper handwashing. Prof. R. Ahuja concluded by saying that all should wash hands before eating and after using toilet. Doctors made all parents attending OPD aware about importance of handwashing in day to day life. All raised a hand and promised to maintain hygiene in the end.

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