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icddr,b celebrates in Bangladesh

icddr,b held Global Handwashing Day on 15 October. The Environmental Interventions Unit (EIU) of the Infectious Diseases Division organized the activities. Project coordinator addressed key barriers to handwashing with soap by innovating a handwashing station and low-cost soap agent, a detergent made with powdered soap and water, which has been proved to be effective and acceptable in Bangladesh, to reduce fecal organisms from hands. 600 people participated at its main campus at Mokhali. icddr,b Dhaka Hospital nurses and doctors and all icddr,b staff demonstrated how to wash hands with “soapy water” and bar soap among 30 primary school teachers and students. Participants made the following items containing logo and messages on the importance of handwashing, handwashing agents, steps of handwashing, and making of soapy water:

  • Poster highlighted handwashing key times, handwashing steps, handwashing with soapy water and bar soap (Around the campus)
  • Long Banners with same messages (Main building)
  • Sticker (Posted on campus wall especially on the common places like washrooms, canteen walls, main doors, vehicles)
  • Display boards highlighted key findings of ” soapy water” as a low-cost hand washing agent (beside the stage).

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