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Integrated Regional Support Program’s 2015 celebration

Where: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Organizer:  Integrated Regional Support Program (IRSP)

Integrated Regional Support Program (IRSP) as implementing partner of different donors for implementing WASH project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Thus, IRSP celebrated Global Hand Washing Day) by arranging different participatory program in different male and female government schools to promote hand washing practices with soap in its operational Union Councils of district Mardan to fulfill the objectives of the day.

All arrangements including banners, provision of vehicles, team’s preparedness and successfully conduction of sessions with the students were made by Integrated Regional Support Program (IRSP), the celebration of Global Hand Washing Day 2015.

Description of the event:

Global Handwashing Day was observed in different government schools as follows:

  • Government Haigher Secondary School for male Shergarh
  • Government Primary School, Sazoden Killi Takht Bhai
  • Government middle School, Janday Takhtbhai
  • Government Girls Primary School, Baghicha no 2 Mardan
  • Government Girls High School, Bilal Masjid Mardan
  • Harmain Public School Mardan

 No of Participants:

  • Boys Students: 1800
  • Girls Students: 260
  • Male teachers: 70
  • Female teachers: 11

Each event of Global hand washing day was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. After recitation of Holy Quran, the lead member of IRSP introduced himself and other team members to the participants. After formal introduction, the lead member shared the objective and importance of the day; and asked different questions on health, hygiene and hand washing method. After anthem, the lead member once again stood up and practically demonstrated hand washing steps with the help of soap and IEC material. Moreover, children also practically demonstrated hand washing steps with soaps.


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