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Khairpur Rural Development Organization celebrates Global Handwashing Day 2017 in Pakistan

Khairpur Rural Development Organization (KRDO) arranged events at District Khairpur Sindh and at Government Schools in the District Khairpur Sindh.

1. The Global Handwashing Day 2017 has celebrated by KRDO Pakistan in Shahnawaz Model School, Allahabad. Ms Tania Naz, Volunteer of KRDO was conducted the session on Hand washing and importance of handwashing in daily life. She has also informed about the water borne diseases and benefits of hand washing. She has practically informed the students   that how we can wash our hands daily. The students were took keen interest to learn about the handwashing steps and in the end, a walk for handwasing was arranged.

2. Ms Farhan , Volunteer of KRDO has conducted a session on handwashing with theme of Our Hands Our Future at SEF Public School Khairpur on October 16, 2017. Ms. Farhana was briefed about the importance of handwashing in daily life and benefits of handwashing . She also briefed about the sanitation problems at household level and she emphasized to keep clean the hand and body on daily basis. The students were raised the questions about the hand washing and diseases. Ms Farhana was responded to all questions with explanations and practically.


3. Ms. Tania Naz , Volunteer has conducted a session on Handwashing on the ve celebration of Global Handwashing Day 2017 with the Theme of Our Hands Our Future on October 17,2017 at Government Girls Primary School, Bhurgari. Ms Tania was briefed about the importance of  handwashing practices in the daily life. She also informed the students about the diseases caused by the poor sanitation and lack of hand washing practices at school and house hold level. The students were raised questions and all questions were responded by Ms Tania and explained about the handwashing steps in detail.


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